From Chaos to Calm

30 Self-Care tips to nourish the relationship with yourself and to simplify your life in just 10 minutes a day!

I'm offering these techniques, because I've been where you are. Between work, family, and life obligations, it can be easy to get into the habit of putting the needs of others at the top of the to do list and ourselves last. When we continue this habit, we easily start to feel overwhelmed and sometimes resentful of those around us and the even the spaces we occupy. A friend's well meant offer to help or a family member suggesting we take a day off can make us feel worse and make our list feel longer.

What if I told you that by adding self-care into your day, it would give you back time, energy, and motivation to do all the things on your list, and you would feel joy and not resentment?

Once, it seemed others felt that I had it together on the outside, while internally, my life was falling apart. When I did finally take a moment for myself, I couldn’t enjoy it, which made me feel even more overwhelmed. I was on my way to burnout when I asked myself. Why not self care for me?

Nothing else I am trying is working, so why not try this? Self care is my secret, and I want to share it with you.

Yes, why not me too

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I created my 30 days to calm, using straight-forward, fun, yet small selfcare steps.

You will likely find that you are already doing some of these and not realizing that they are self-care.
Give me 10 minutes a day of your day,  and I will give you the secrets to a calm, joyful, and more relaxed mindset and space.  When I started using these tools, I began to believe in myself: my worth,  my mindset, my relationships, and my home life all changed. I started seeing opportunities to connect with my family more. I was more focused on my work and implementing these small tips gave my family our time back, and our spaces started to change.

No longer was I drowning in the chaos of all the to do stuff. I felt calm, present, and not just ready to handle life but to thrive throughout my days, and I want this for you too.
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